“The World Is More Colourful with Us“ – Reasonable accommodation in everyday lives of persons with physical disabilities

Duration of the project: 1st February 2018 – 31st January 2020

Venue: different locations in Hungary

Project budget: 49 999 999 HUF


  • Croation Union of Associations of Persons with Disabilities, Croatia
  • Fundament Polgári Társulás, Solvakia
  • Center of Independent Living Serbia, Serbia
  • Orbán Alapítvány, Romania
  • HIFA-Románia Segítség Mindekinek Egyesület, Romania

Project summary

Thanks for the project we will map the principle of reasonable accommodation around different topics (work, education healthcare, etc.)  in order to define key-concepts and requirements of reasonable accommodation. According to the project results we can enforce rights of disable persons and fight against discriminations even more efficiently.


During the two-year project we are going to:


  • build a transnational cooperation and maintain transnational network
  • share our experiences, knowledge regarding to topic of the project in 8 workshops at the same time we will view good practices in Hungary during 8 study visits
  • conduct empirical and doctrinal research with participants from Romania and Hungary
  • do on-line survey and analyse data obtained
  • disseminate the results of the workshops, the study visits and the research broadly through two on-line publications,  training held for national experts and decision makers on national and international level as well.


Barbara Kőhalmi LL.M.

project manager

e-mail: jogasz@meosz.hu; efop522@meosz.hu

Address: Budapest San Marco street 76 ZIP:1032