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Aim of the international activities of MEOSZ

Promotion of social inclusion and equality of people with physical disability in cooperation with organisations of people with different disabilities joining to the international disability movement. Our aim is to influence international disability and general policies for protection of human rights of persons with physical disabilities.

Tasks of MEOSZ on international area

  1. To collect information on disability policies on international level, future trends, directions and existing good practices, to forward these information to the member associations of MEOSZ, as well as to discuss possibilities of adoption good practices;
  2. The UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities – promotion of the implementation, cooperation with European umbrella organisations and partner NGOs in different countries;
  3. Participation in shaping international disability policy through EDF (European Disability Forum); to influence European and international decisions concerning people with physical disability;
  4. To inform DPOs (disabled person’s non-governmental organisations) in different countries on good practices of Hungary.

Levels of international activities

1.) On European level:

2.) On global level:


  • Participation in the work of  EDF, FIMITIC, DPI and of  IF
    • Board meetings, general assemblies, workshops, conferences in Budapest or in any other settlement on venues with wheelchair access;
    • Participation in common projects and surveys ;
    • Collection of  information through questionnaires
  • Participation in European projects – together with partner organisations and institutions
    • Projects closed in 2013:
      • TELESCOPE – European Code of Practice for Telehealth Services  (Funded by the EU 7 countries 12 NGOs and institutions were part of the project);
      • INSERT – Promotion of Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities on the Labour Market in Romania (with EU funding in cooperation of Romanian NGOs and MEOSZ)
    • Project closed in 2014:
      • Cultural Activity of People with Disability  to promote Social Inclusion  (with support of the International Visegrad Fund, in cooperation of FIMITIC Member Organisations )
  • Participation of Hungarian young people with physical disability aged between ar 15 és 25 in EuroContact, the European  get- together in Germany in July-August every year
  • Participation in international surveys  – at any time
  • Accessible Tourism – Tourism for All, cooperation with the Hungarian National Tourism Board as its strategic partner,  participation at the National Travel Exhibition every year

If you want to know more ont he international activities, you can ask for more information from:

  • Erzsébet Földesi, Vice-Chair of MEOSZ, Member of the Board of Directors of  EDF,  email: in disability policy matters
  • Eva Caesar, International Liaison Worker of MEOSZ, email:, phone: +36 1 250 9013;  +36 1 388 2387;  Skype name: caesar.eva,  in other  international matters