MEOSZ Ifjúsági Tagozat

“ No one of us has an easy life. So what? We should have endurance and above all we should trust in ourselves. We should believe that we are talented in something, and that we can accomplish this something at all costs”  (Marie Curie)

Who are we?

We are the Youth Section of the National Federation of Disabled Persons’ Associations (MEOSZ IT), the members of which are groups and NGOs of young people with disabilities.

Main areas of the activity

  • Identifying social disadvantages that keep young people with disabilities from independent living and full participation equal with others; advocacy work.
  • Providing peer support to create possibilities for employment, education, cultural, sport, free time and other events, which are otherwise missing; collecting and disseminating extensive information. To create and spread missing services as models for full social rehabilitation and inclusion.
  • Main activity of  MEOSZ IT and its members is awareness raising based on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), which considers disability not as a medical, but as a social issue. Disability is a result of environmental and attitudinal interaction, which lead to the lack of social inclusion and participation. For that we give lessons on equal opportunities in an exoteric and playful way for groups of children and adults.
  • Aim of MEOSZ IT is building communities and a network of young people both with and without disabilities, the members take an active role in organising youth programs and services .

When organising events it is important, that the programs will be planned based on common interests or actions, because this is what keeps a community together and not the disability.

For us it is important

  • collaboration, full accessibility, equal opportunities, social inclusion;
  • active participation of young people in activities of associations of people with disabilities (DPOs);
  • creating and strengthen collaboration in planning, actions and advocacy between NGOs implementing youth projects;
  • that young people with physical disability can live an independent life and thus be active members of society.

We do believe, that creation of social inclusion, common living spaces, accessibility and equal opportunities starts in the „heads” with awareness raising, promoted by proper dialogue and guidance.

Board of Leaders of MEOSZ IT