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National Federation of Disabled Persons' Associations

The goal of the National Federation of Disabled Persons' Associations (MEOSZ) is to achieve equal opportunities and full participation in the society for all persons with physical disability living in Hungary by representing, protecting and promoting their interests and advocating for their rights.

As member of the National Council of Disabled Persons' Organisations (FESZT), MEOSZ has been striving together with the three other national NGOs - the national federations of the blind, of the deaf, and of the mentally disabled persons - to achieve the same goal for people with disabilities.

  • MEOSZ was established by people with physical disability in 1981 and it is still controlled by them. It is one of the largest and most powerful NGOs for public use in our country, built up and working democratically. 
  • Within the 85 member associations 540 local groups are working throughout the country. The total number of individual members amounts to 190.000 . 
  • Working groups and sections within the Federation:
    • Working Group for Legislation contribute to the work of the Board in initiating amendments or new laws to improve the opportunities and living conditions of disabled persons, and they provide legal advice to individuals, as well as legal training to leaders of the member associations. 
    • The Working Group of Human Rights help disabled persons in case of discrimination. 
    • Sections according to certain diagnoses
    • Section of young people 
    • Section of women
    • The Circle of Artists
    • Rolling Dancers - dancing group composed by people in wheelchair
The activity of the Federation is determined by voluntarism. Regular administrative work is carried out by paid staff. Most of the volunteers and the paid staff are disabled people themselves.

Main Fields of activity:

  • Carrying out expert work in the course of improving legislation and in many other fields.
  • Making efforts to raise awareness in the society and among disabled people by PR work, our newspaper HUMANITÁS, by actions and different events.
  • Promoting creation of facilities for employment, education, culture, sport, leasure time activities, which are otherwise not available for disabled persons. 
  • Promoting creation of support services, like personal assistance, transportation, peer counselling, information service, etc. Maintaining such a service in the Headquarter of MEOSZ
  • Organising regular events, like Day of Equal Opportunities in May, National Balaton Meeting of disabled people in August, National Abilympics, National Cultural Festival
  • Organising training seminars regularly in different topics for leaders or for the staff of member associations, for specialists.
  • Organising 3 to 12 month training by the MEOSZ Institute for Distance Learning and Teleworking in computer skills, in English language, in business skills, in leadership, etc.
  • Based on ceertain laws and regulations MEOSZ has taken part in some State duties, like awarding financial support to people with disabilities for adapting their flats to their needs (to make them accessible), or for solving the difficulties of transportation.

International activities

We strive to get closer to Europe in the disability field as well. MEOSZ has been member of FIMITIC (, of DPI-Europe ( and of EDF ( Through our cooperation within Central and East European NGOs of disabled persons, we help each other to solve difficulties, to raise awareness, to achieve appropriate legislation for equal opportunities  and full participation.

In line with the accession process to the EU we consider it to be important to take part more actively in European activities of the Disability Movement by exchanging experiences and information.

MEOSZ is maintained by some state support and membership fees, activities are financed by projects. All member associations and working groups, sections have their own budget.


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